Charting The Creative Process

Creative Process (Section III) within Diagram of Design Methodology

Evaluation, Pros & Cons
Based on Section III. Creation Process, of my work-in-progress Design Methodology, each step is not always applied to a project, nor followed in order, yet the list makes for a quick reference for the sake of self-evaluation. For example, if I have a firm grasp on a project from the very beginning due to past experience, instincts, or if the project is recurring (or a combination all three elements), then I may not need to address every step in the creative process. A firm or forced deadline will also not allow time to explore every step in the process.

Keep in mind, this is an individual methodology, not a collaborative methodology. Don’t even get me started on that yet. However, what I most value during the creative process is collaboration. My expectations or needs during collaboration may not always be met, yet when an outside perspective makes me rethink a project, excitement ensues. When I become more excited (er, inspired), I discover an unending flow of exploration. Flat, uninteresting, predictable feedback isn’t necessarily a negative attribute, as I often see it as re-affirmative instead. The most obvious downfall, is that predictable feedback provides very little when in search or sometimes in need of an outside perspective. Therefore, I always prefer to provide a balance of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement and only hope (not expect) that the same is returned.

I’ve fallen prey to complacency a number of times, managing to break away from tendencies. Perhaps, I’m too critical of myself, yet too humble to self-promote. When or if I have determined that “something” works, I almost always try to find ways to infuse “something” into the next project. In doing so, I don’t often dedicate time to exploration or experimentation outside of graduate school. If and when I do realize how I might experiment, it’s usually only contained in my thought and not by action. This is an area in which I really want to get more involved – experimenting in order to realize new solutions. Research is always a critical component to this occasion. On the dark side, I’m not always motivated to be a team player if others aren’t willing to play, lose focus over several small non-creative projects and don’t always go with the popular vote. Irrational clients (likely the worst of the worst) are expected, yet it has taught me more about the opportunity to understand how others interpret solutions… so long as there is give and take.