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Processing The Process Book

Go ahead, roll your eyes. That’s OK. I expect it. Most of my peers have already figured this out, some people are brand new to it and others (like myself) are short of the halfway point within our graduate program. … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Creative Flow?

The term “flow” could mean anything in relation to graphic design. It could epitomize having a harmonious experience,managing your time extremely well, accruing experience to the point of automating your process, or having a professional relationship that “just seems easy.” … Continue reading

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Charting The Creative Process

Creative Process (Section III) within Diagram of Design Methodology Evaluation, Pros & Cons Based on Section III. Creation Process, of my work-in-progress Design Methodology, each step is not always applied to a project, nor followed in order, yet the list … Continue reading

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Graphic Design Defined

Off-the-cuff Ramblings about Awareness, Research & Methodology Three themes resurface during my experience in graduate school, and rightly so: awareness, research and methodology (in no particular order). Two of the three themes have already been stated in my original definition … Continue reading

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Non-Techno Types

The Role of Non-technological Approaches and Craft Overview How can typographic solutions be modern and professional without being technologically driven? In this blog entry, you will search for and review at least two articles that address how this might be … Continue reading

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